Thursday, January 19, 2017

Alpena County GOP Chair resigns over GOP treatment of conservatives.

Editors Note:  Tanya Hill is a contributor to Michigan Tea Party News.  She was also (until today) the Chair of the Alpena County Republican Party.  Tanya has resigned her position amid the growing MiGOP DeleGate scandal and the overall treatment of conservatives within the GOP.  She has allowed us to reprint her resignation letter.



Members of the Alpena Republican Party,

The past year has been an eye opening time for me.  I joined the Alpena County Republican Party with the expectation that I could help make a difference and move the party in a positive direction.  I have come to the conclusion over the past several months that the values of the Republican Party are not what I had once thought them to be.  Starting with the party vilifying several of the candidates running for the Presidential nomination and culminating with the Michigan Republican Party apparently rewriting election rules after the primary vote to favor their preferred candidate.  This did not happen solely in Michigan, but in several other states as well.  I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer work for a party that treats "fellow conservatives" so poorly.  I thought that I was working with a party that actually wanted to protect voter integrity...I was mistaken.  Please see the story linked to below.

 I am resigning from my position as Alpena County Chair and as a member of the Executive Committee effective immediately (3/7/2012).  I thank you all for your support during my time as Chair and have enjoyed my time with the people in the county party.
Tanya Hill

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