Thursday, January 19, 2017


In what can only be an embarrassment to organizers of the MI 4 Conservative Senate debate, a very well run debate was almost marred when Richard Anderson, a Michigan Tea Party News Reporter, was nearly banned from the debate. Dennis Lennox an activist closely tied to the Romney and Durant campaigns claimed to be an organizer of the event with authority to "kick out anyone I want to". After entering the event and clearly marking a seat with paperwork and coat, the reporter left the stuffy confines of the room for fresh air and was refused re-entry by Lennox who threatened at one point "...if you don't leave, I will call the police."  There were no signs saying that there was no re-entry.  Mr. Lennox claimed that the rules of the event forbid people from leaving and re-entering the room.  When pressed by Mr. Anderson to show the rules, Mr. Lennox refused.
It was not until approximately twenty minutes later when MI4CS organizer Cindy Gamrat was finally involved in the dispute that the MI TEA PARTY NEWS reporter was finally allowed back into the event. As is the official policy of, the reporter was clearly and unmistakably unbiased in his appearance and demeanor at all times, with no campaigning for any candidate taking place.
Since its inception, Tea Party supporters have had to vigorously fight to keep Republican party insiders from dominating or even moderately influencing the movement. The Romney and Durant campaigns should not assume independent minded Tea Party members will fall into line without having all questions and concerns addressed.
More on the MI 4 CS debate to come.... 

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